Growing through Awareness and Forgiveness

Covering the last couple chapters of “The Four Agreements,” focusing on how to identify old and unhealthy agreements to replace them with new ones. Explore how to accept the whole of our lives, including the suffering, and learn to forgive by not being trapped by the stories and agreements that are limiting our vision of a more expansive and growth-oriented life.

From The Inner Projection of Forgiveness:

“Focusing only on the pain places awareness on the wrong object, the other person. Forgiveness is not about figuring out the other person who did the wrong, though at times that can certainly help. Forgiveness is instead a re-assertion of the reality of one’s existence, a wholeness of which we at a deeper understanding are always in possession of, where the pain/shame of hurt is no longer the only voice in our mind.”

From Forgiveness: A Value to Identify Our Humanity:

“If we are able to accept and move on from the moments of action that were not the greatest example of our stated values, then surely we can learn to apply the same understanding to others.”



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