About Me


Hello! I’m David Teachout

Licensed Therapist

Growing up, questions played a big role for me. I wanted to know how things worked, why people did what they did. So of course psychology is what I ended up studying, but it wasn’t as inevitable as I now consider it. For over two decades I dwelled in religious fundamentalism, seeing myself, those around me and the world through a very narrow lens of moral judgment. It was the slow, constant questioning that allowed me to see that reality was so much bigger than I was allowing myself to consider.

A feeling of freedom, the acceptance of uncertainty and the joy of exploring our shared humanity is what I seek to always bring to my life. Through services provided for individuals, couples and groups, I am always trying to see how we can help one another. This crazy experience we call life is a never-ending source of new thoughts and feelings. I appreciate everyone who allows me to join with them through their process of discovery.

That process is what brought me to create “Life Weavings.” The name captures how I look at life, the people I come into contact with and the means of discovery. The loom is most often associated with Fate in mythology, but I have in mind weaving as an art and creative enterprise. Each life is a complex interplay of many threads, whether they be family, genetics, relationships, culture, history, etc. To pluck just one will never give you the full picture of who a person is and how the threads interact will be different for everyone. Such complexity is inspiring because it means the potential for discovery and new self-expression is never finished.

My Approach & Values

At Life Weavings, I believe each person is more than any individual part and that nobody can be fully judged by any one action, thought or emotion. Your gender, sex, and race in no way necessitates what you think, how you feel or the quality of your character. They are, as with every other part of you, a window through which you look out upon the world. It is in the spirit of active, engaged inquiry and love of our shared humanity that I seek to connect with you.

My Experience

  • Adventure-based therapy for veterans
  • Adults in crisis
  • Coaching professionals

My Education

  • M.A Counseling Psychology
  • M.S. Forensic Psychology
  • B.S. Interdiscplinary Studies: Psychology and Theology

I Work With

Individuals and Couples

Build the skills to work through depression, anxiety and relationship difficulty with greater resiliency.

“There is only one meaning of life: the act of living itself.” – Erich Fromm

“The stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves become the fabric of our existence and the literal meaning(s) of our lives” – Michael J. Mahoney

"The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience." - Mark Manson

"Every story hides as much as it reveals."

– David Teachout, LMHC


Interviews and presentations that I’ve put on that show some of what I teach and help people explore, particularly as it relates to religious ideology and the harm certain versions of it can bring.