Election Thoughts – Voting 2020

Nov 2, 2020Podcast

Democracy is a Value-based interpersonal construct for guiding human behavior. As such, democracy exists at the intersection of humanity’s greatest potential and all our foibles. We can aspire to be the best versions of ourselves that we know to be, but it requires an active engagement, both on the ground through action and also through mindful reflection. Both of these actions mean accepting that any of us may be wrong in whole or in part, that ideas deemed contrary are worth exploring to expand the vision of what’s possible, and a recognition that our fellow human being is more than any single thought-feeling-action. By such thoughtful interaction will we build the space to let fly the better angels of our nature.

Voting is a Value-Based Decision

“The essence of a pattern is a relational structure. Recall that the origin of the word pattern is pater, literally ‘the father’ of that which has been created. We most often notice patterns by means of their repetitions, however. Individuals have the sense that they have been ‘here’ before.” p. 88

From “Constructive Psychotherapy” by Michael J. Mahoney

Voting is an Extension of Narrative

“The word belong has two meanings. First and foremost, to belong is to be related to and a part of something. It is membership, the experience of being at home in the broadest sense of the phrase. Belonging is best created when we join with other people in producing something that makes a place better. It is the opposite of thinking I must do it on my own.”

From “Community” by Peter Block

Voting is an Attempt to Shape Reality through Behavior

“The creation of groups from personal and intimate mutual knowledge was the unique achievement of humanity. The origin of the human condition is best explained by the natural selection for social interaction—the inherited propensities to communicate, recognize, evaluate, bond, cooperate, compete, and from all these the deep warm pleasure of belonging to your own special group.”

From “The Meaning of Human Existence” by Edward O. Wilson

Additional thoughts: You Don’t Represent Me: An Open Letter to Congress

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