Life Weavings Expressions

Expanding life’s opportunities through new perspectives.

Developing the Self through Creativity

Perspective is not just a way of expressing a point of view but active participation with reality in shaping how you consider yourself, your environment, and those around you.

By consciously and deliberately playing with perspective through the creative energy of imagination, you can gain greater flexibility in working through life’s difficulties and identify new ways of expressing yourself.


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Creative Expression is A Window to the Self

We live our lives wearing multiple “hats” and expressing ourselves within different environments. There is always more to who you are than any given moment allows you to see.

Pictures Remind Us that We are Never Alone

There is always, in every moment, the experience itself and the person holding it in consciousness. Life is an exploration of the growth to be found between those two things.

Tell Your Story With More than Words

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is very much true. Every image we hold contains a myriad of associations with our past, filtered within the present and further shaped by the future we envision.