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Juan Lee is an author and teacher on the powerful principle of love. Raised within the Christian church, Juan has turned to teachings about love over the years to find strength, understanding and hope.

As a child, Juan was the youngest of four children raised by a single father. Juan struggled with an undiagnosed learning disability that made school difficult. He joined the US Air Force out of high school in hopes just to survive.

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Love Made Simple: Humanity and Legacy

“Don’t wait to join humanity. The legacy that you leave upon your death will impact generations to come, regardless of whether you leave family members behind, because as a successful teen, young adult, adult, or senior, you have touched lives. You’ve joined humanity at each stage of your life. You have realized that humanity is only going to be as great as the people who’ve traversed through it.”

Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment, and Success
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We can and must remember that our shared humanity is what gives meaning and purpose to our individual actions. We are only in this life for a short time, yet our actions, by virtue of our interconnected nature with one another, will echo for generations, even after our names are forgotten. Every moment is an opportunity to decide what those influences will be, how you will show up as an expression of humanity, and what legacy you will leave behind. A guiding principle in recognizing our role within humanity and looking to legacy is that of love.

“Courage means being unafraid to die, knowing that your life has (or should have had) impact for the greater humanity. It means facing a difficult diagnosis with bravery. It means making the most of every moment—because our tomorrow is not guaranteed. The conclusion of life should hold a loving legacy for others to treasure.”

Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment, and Success

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Juan Lee | the Author (juanleetheauthor.com)

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Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment, and Success

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